Torch : Empowering Innovation

TORCH is a new methodology for Innovation processes. Catch up with the increasing complexity and competition around today’s challenges. Diverge in the most powerful way possible through its multidisciplinary ideation stage which makes use of your full potential. Generate ideas/solutions that are even more innovative, original and unique.

The Torch Principle book focuses on the ideation stage of TORCH. Strengthen and train your creative muscles and generate innovative solutions to your personal and professional challenges.

  • Get a Book + Online Platform including videos, tools & graphics.
  • Learn multi-sensory brainstorming techniques
  • Generate unique solutions to your personal & professional challenges.
  • Reach a better balance between your analytical & your creative muscles
  • Empower career, health & well-being through creative divergence.


You don’t run a marathon without training regularly neither generate innovative ideas without strengthening first your creative muscles. We show you how to do it.


We all face personal and professional challenges. Typical solutions either don’t work anymore or don’t last or fail against the competition. The exercises in the book help you diverge to get faster to the innovative solutions you need.


A balanced human being has both strong analytical and creative muscles. We help you regain that balance and with it improve your health and well being.