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Why Torch

What is Torch adding to the leading innovation methodologies?

design thinking

Design Thinking

Torch makes the ideation stage of Design Thinking more explicit. It specifies in detail a powerful ideation methodology with concrete strategies, tools, techniques, innovation consulting and exercises to accelerate and empower your ideation processes. It also combines key features of design thinking with other aspects of the lean philosophy.

lean startup


Torch helps lean processes stay innovative by providing specific ideation strategies that complement lean processes. It combines as well key features of Lean with others of Design Thinking.

Combining design thinking and lean startup

DT + Lean

In summary, Torch combines key aspects of Design Thinking and Lean, taking the best of both and adding on top its powerful ideation methodology. It´s time to accelerate innovation.

The torch innovation methodology

The core

The ideation methodology is the core of the Torch innovation methodology. It specifies a multidisciplinary and multisensory approach that trains your creative muscles and accelerates the process of generating innovative ideas. Torch gives you specific tools and strategies so that you can focus on what matters: generating innovative solutions.

The right mix

The secret of an innovation process that is fast and divergent enough, lies in combining the right kind of convergent ingredients and enough quality divergent ingredients. Torch gives you the fastest recipe to get that right. On top of that it offers innovation consulting, a powerful innovation platform and other ways to accelerate innovation. All is integrated within this unique innovation methodology.

convergent  ingredients

Convergent Ingredients

They are information directly related to your challenge. You need to illuminate enough of these and of the right kind.

divergent ingredients

Divergent ingredients

You launch your torches far away to illuminate concepts and information that are less connected to your starting point.

multidisciplinary ideation


Torch helps you illuminate a very diverse field of divergent ingredients by using multiple disciplines and senses. This enriches enormously the process and accelerates the generation of innovative ideas.

divergence process

Mixing it all

To generate innovative ideas that are relevant, convergent and divergent ingredients have to be combined in the right way. That process has some key requirements. Torch guides you to get that mix right.

The Torch innovation platform and methodology

From seed to model.

Five stages take you from the seed of your challenge to a well specified solution.

SEED: You set a starting point and understand what convergent ingredients you hold at the start.

NURTURING: Time to nurture your seed. You gather the rest of the convergent ingredients you need, synthesize all your convergent knowledge and refine your definition of the challenge.

IDEATION: The core of Torch. Time to gather divergent ingredients in a multidisciplinary and multi-sensory way, making use of specific strategies, techniques and tools. Combining your convergent and divergent ingredients in the right way (DITS process), you generate innovative ideas.

PROTOTYPE: To get feedback about your ideas, you build prototypes. In response to the feedback you get, you refine ideas and prototypes, iterating the process.

MODEL: It’s time to study in more detail the viability and implementation of the generated solutions. We use a variety of tools including BMCs.

Torch Events

Bring Torch to your organization. Host a Torch event onsite or remotely. We adapt to your needs. Torch is reaching all kinds of institutions. We offer a combination of training events, innovation consulting, our personalized innovation platform T4I and other ways to accelerate innovation like the torch creative gyms. All is part of the ecosystem of the Torch innovation methodology. Some examples of events are below.

There are plenty of options: Half a day, a full day, multiple days, conferences and even remote training. 

Full day or less

We organize day events that can last between 3 and 8 hours. These are typically focused on the ideation stage of Torch.

Multiple days

To apply the full methodology from beginning to end, it is recommended to do multi-day events.

Conferences & Talks

Hosting a Conference or Talk about Torch is a great option as well. Conferences can last from as little as 20 minutes to as much as two hours.

Remote Training

Remote training using videoconferencing and similar tools is available. We adapt to your needs.

Hello. This is Ideami.

Javier Ideami is the founder of Torch. A multidisciplinary creative director, engineer, artist and entrepreneur, Javier Ideami’s projects and talks have taken him from Silicon Valley to the jungles of Bali, including Stanford University and UC Berkeley, the United Nations FAO HQ, the financial center of London, the International Cultural Diplomacy Conference in Berlin and many others. Ideami’s many awards and the multidisciplinary aspect of the Torch Innovation Methodology he created, come from his vast range of skills. Some examples: Advertising and mediaFine ArtMusicPublic SpeakingFilmmakingPublishingTechnologyEntrepreneurship and BusinessMuseum InstallationsUnique Events, ActingVisual FX, Creative Experiments, Performance, Innovation and Education, etc.

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A great partnership

The latest Torch partnership is with great creative consultancy firm Cookie Box. Ideami and Cookie box are joining forces to bring the benefits of Torch to more organizations around the world.

Cookie box is specialized in transforming Organizations, studying the areas of opportunity for improvement and the best way to build sustainable and cost-effective solutions for those companies. To learn more about Cookie box, click here.

The Torch Principle Book

The Torch Principle is a book that focuses on the most important part of the methodology, its ideation stage. It is great for professionals that work on innovation consulting and creativity and for anybody interested in accelerating and empowering creative and innovation skills.

Extra support

Torch is a methodology that can be applied and used for free. We offer a licence for those institutions, groups, schools, academies, etc that wish to apply it to large groups and want extra support. The licence gives you resources that facilitate enormously its application. It includes:

  • Infographics, videos and other resources that help accelerate innovation and that are related to all aspects of the methodology.
  • Extended access for groups to all the tools of the Torch innovation methodology.
  • Personalized support on key dates throughout the year.
  • Customized planning to bring Torch to your institution.
  • Initial innovation consulting and training session for facilitators and teachers.
  • Access to the T4I innovation platform.

Torch Metaphor Video

Watch a video filmed in Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs represent the Torch metaphor at ocean beach in San Francisco.